The Lead Generating Machine



Late last year, Beans was approached by Mortgage Rate Finder, a small and thriving mortgage brokerage firm based locally but servicing nationally. Founder Paul Biddle wanted a new brand for his established business. Something quirky and flexible to help position his business and differentiate from the out-of-the-box operators and fat, clunky franchises that crowd the mortgage broking market. But that wasn’t all. Paul also wanted to build a healthy pipeline of potential borrowers to keep building his book on. 

We got to work. We produced a library of options, exploring a huge range of opportunities and analysing the competitive landscape. Then, we narrowed it down.

To this. 

From here, the Beans Team built an easy to understand visual language for the new Mortgage Rate Finder brand to create a meaningful yet conceptual identity. Each of the shapes formed to represent a different aspect of the home loan process while maintaining the young and playful culture of the business. 

Then, we added layers – literally. The hand-drawn and collage style elements designed around the custom but not-too-custom nature of the MRF experience. The resulting brand was young, quirky, confident and flexible – all things most mortgage brokers aren’t.

Beans executed the brand across all the places you’d expect – website, corporate stationery, digital assets, social media – as well as some places you wouldn’t (we love the tattoos Paul). 

The next piece of the puzzle was to turn on the taps and get some new business rolling in. So, on a nondescript afternoon in February we agreed on a monthly target based on Paul’s conversion rate and a desired ROI from his marketing investment. The hypothesis was based on completely reasonable assumptions and expectations. 

Once we knew where we wanted to go, it was just a matter of who we wanted to come along with us. We conducted a workshop to identify our personas, their behaviours and map out their journey toward purchase. We figured out what they wanted to achieve and where they were at in life. Then, we washed a pig. 

With our target in mind, we pieced together a campaign idea that spoke to the many hats and approaches Mortgage Rate Finder employs each day to find the finances for their customers.

This was the ‘Paul for every problem’ campaign. The campaign is uniquely Mortgage Rate Finder and alludes to the way Paul works with his clients, adapting his own style and advice based on their situation and what they need to achieve. The ‘Paul for every problem’ campaign allowed Beans and Mortgage Rate Finder to address the various audiences and the challenges they are facing as they try to organise finance in an increasingly competitive market. It also told our target market that when you work with Paul from Mortgage Rate, he will help you figure it all out – after all, Paul has your back, not the bank’s. 

With a plan in place and a creative campaign at the ready we put it all into play utilising a combination of digital and social advertising. Over the next three months, we saw an incredible response – exceeding our own expectation by 200%. We’ve since introduced a range of qualifiers to improve the quality of the enquiry and reduce the impact of the increase on Paul’s day-to-day.

“Ruby and Leroy from Beans completely redesigned the Mortgage Rate Finder brand, creating a professional but fun brand that reflects the business and how we operate. They regularly consulted with me and came up with a range of concepts that not only matched the brief but went beyond my expectations.

I could not be happier with the final outcome. We are proud to promote our business with our website and branding now on point and their digital advertising has brought a significant uplift in new enquiries.”

Paul Biddle, Mortgage Rate Finder