Destination: Home

We were initially introduced to the Shell Heights Project to work on designing a marketing package to promote and launch the first stage of a brand-new land release in Shellharbour.

We continue to work very closely with the Developers, Engineers and Solicitors on this project for the past 2 years, to deliver a thoughtful and intelligent product to a well-researched marketplace.

Shell Heights and the identity of this brand was closely linked to the product we were marketing – a boutique land estate of 400 blocks of land, reflecting the lush landscape between ocean and escarpment. The branding needed to be symbolic of this, and capture the lifestyle offered to potential purchasers. Our target demographic was divided into three categories, including families (young or retiring), investors and builders.

We created a pattern encompassing all of these aspects – the land, the community, the lifestyle. A pattern that we could adapt to all forms of marketing and media.

A simple, functional website, that held all the information a potential purchaser would need to know about the location, surrounding amenities, land registration timelines, lot plans and diagrams, right down to recommendations for builders and house and land package options  – the only thing we held back from the website was the price list to encourage buyers to fall in love, then register to keep in touch.

From large billboards that draw everyone’s attention to the site, to way-finding signage, that creates an enjoyable journey for people wandering through the estate.

As our agency has a broad background in property, we lead the sales and strategy for this project. From preparing the strategy to release different stages, researching and monitoring the market, collaborating on the pricing and building and managing the database and community or purchasers.

We focused on relationship-based interaction with buyers, builders, businesses and the local community. Classifying different purchaser categories within the database and managing the journey of a buyer, from new enquiry to purchaser, to a part of the Shell Heights Community, is a huge part of our methodology and the focus on relationships and great service we believe in.

Frequent communication to all of the categories within a Database, consistent and relevant messaging – we know the tricks and we have the tools to get results.